7 things to do on a summer’s day in Bloemfontein

I long to be in Bloemfontein right now. The weather and the closeness of everything. I long to be in Bloemfontein…

Here I share with you my favourite things to do on a lazy summer’s day in Bloemfontein.

1. Get up early and buy the VolksbladCity Press and M&G newspapers and walk / drive to the nearest coffee shop. Sit around for an hour scanning through the latest news and sipping two cappuccino’s.

2. Grab my gym bag and head off to Virgin Active at Northridge Mall or the Stadium Pools in Willows – depending on how I feel – for a 2 km swim.

3. Head to Iewers Nice for a long and lazy breakfast with a friend and my laptop to check what’s happening on the social platforms and catch-up with email.

4. Go to the Loch Logan Waterfront for a bit of retail therapy and possibly a Peroni at Primi Piatti.

5. The Bloemfontein Zoo is underrated. I enjoy a walk around and handing a cheeky piece of fruit to the elephants. If I have time, I might have a drive around Naval Hill and take in the views of Bloemfontein.

6. Sushi at Cape Town Fish Market with a glass or two of Chenin Blanc – a good place to meet up with friends!

7. I have to end the day around Second Avenue in Westdene. I start with cocktails at Oolong Lounge, then Barba’s Cafe for dinner and Die Mystic Boer if I fancy a late night.

Now go out and enjoy a sunny day in Bloemfontein! Use the comments section below to add your favourite things to do or let me know what you think about the places mentioned in this blog article.

Gerrie Coertzen

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