A view of Bloemfontein

A view of Bloemfontein

It was with great dismay that I experienced the BBC’s view of Bloemfontein yesterday.

With the luck of the draw, Bloemfontein will see one of the most important soccer matches of 2010 on Sunday. The BBC, as always making the effort, travelled to our city to broadcast on location. So, did the mighty corporation decide to pitch their cameras at Loch Logan, or the stadium, or in President Brand Street, even on top of Naval Hill? No. They decided to portray Bloem as a one-horse town, and get this, literally managed to go somewhere into a field with one horse in the background!

My view of Bloemfontein is miles away from a one-horse town. I can tell you. I grew up there. I know Bloemfontein as a city that caters for all tastes. Maybe we lack clubs and the west end, but so does most cities if they are not London.

Bloemfontein has a remarkable array of restaurants and bars, public spaces and activities to keep one busy.

So don’t ditch it. If you don’t know, ask. If you cannot be asked, explore. There is plenty to be found.

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