Maxis, Bloemfontein

Bloemfontein is known to be a rural town. To me, it is a city full of lovely people with many things to do and loads to experience. I know I have many to convince and so I will in further posts. However, in this one, I will show you its rural charm.

It remains inherit to Bloemfontein. The possibility to be a city with everything to give as well as a one-horse-town where you can escape and wind down.

I discovered Maxis, Bloemfontein on the N1 highway (by accident) with my mom. We didn’t want the ordinary and we were not bound by anything, so we got into the car and onto the highway. I’ve seen this spot many a time on my way from Johannesburg, but this time I made a stop.

Let’s face it. This should be just another pit stop on the road where you can grab something to eat on the go. But, Maxis is also worth a visit for a hearty breakfast after an early morning session at the gym. Just look at the views…

Maxis, Bloemfontein

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  1. danie 22/12/2012 at 1:51 pm #

    Today I experienced a new level of service at maxis at the starshop. Actually there where no service.
    Dont know if it is under new owner or managment as I did stop there in the past and was quite happy.
    Today was a different story.
    Did complain to maxis site and was informed they will get back to me. Still waiting.
    Wont recommend to stop and have a meal there again.
    Danie de Wet

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