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Rhapsody in Bloem 2 concert – for the love of music

The second Rhapsody in Bloem concert will take place on Friday 26 February 2016 at the Naval Hill Planetarium. This is an informal concert performed by music lovers who want to share their passion but don’t necessarily have a performance career. This show is whole lot of fun. It is not often that you get to enjoy so much talent under one roof.

Naval Hill Planetarium

The first concert featured classical music, light music and music from musicals. Instruments varied from saxophone, trombone, flute and piano right through to voice of different genres (opera, musical and light music). The next concert will boast as big a variety, including performances by children. These concerts maintain a specific standard. They are not for people who think they can play an instrument to come and try it out. Musicians must contact the organiser and arrange a meeting before they are included in the programme.

The first Rhapsody in Bloem concert was held on 30 October 2015 and sold out a few weeks prior to the event. The idea of these concerts was born after a piano player held a house concert with her friends to share her love for music with them. She did not get to follow her passion for music in her career choice, but still wanted to share her talent and love for music with people. “That got me thinking. At the end of the day, I could name quite a number of people in the same situation: you can master your instrument quite well, but no concert hall is going to pay you to perform, but you do love playing and you do love music.”

“That is where Rhapsody in Bloem had its birth: to create an environment where music lovers can make music in a social, friendly, and non-judgemental environment. This is actually a blown-up, and definitely more relaxed, musical soirée (house concert), a featured activity in the 18th century.”

The ticket sales primarily cover the expenses of the concert and the little left goes into a bank account to accumulate interest. In the third term they plan to have a competition where music students will have to send in their curriculum vita and also demonstrate their skill on their instrument with a balanced 15 minute program. The winner will be chosen strictly according to the performance on that day and hopefully the cash prize money will be able to make a dent in a talented students tertiary loan.

Tickets cost only R50 and drinks will be sold so you can quench your thirst before and after the show. Janet Coertzen will be exhibiting visual artworks at the event and there will be various musical performances.

For bookings and enquiries you can send an email to rhapsodyinbloem@gmail.com or a SMS/Whatsapp to 082 091 4048 /082 824 5507 and include your name, contact details and how many tickets you would like to purchase. You can also follow the Rhapsody in Bloem Facebook page for updates on the next events and to view the list of performers.




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